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Posted on 05-23-2013

What To Do For Sudden Back Injuries

Many severe attacks of back pain develop from something as insignificant as bending over a bathroom sink, reaching to pick up a small item, sneezing, or reaching into low cabinets.  Usually there has been a series of small accidents leading up to this cause for the back injury.  Heavy lifting, falls or severe strains are early precipitation factors in many back injuries.  Usually they have occurred at some previous time and have been forgotten.


Faulty spinal dynamics are often a cause of severe back pain.  Faulty spinal alignments over a period will cause gradual weakening of disc fibers and other ligaments.  In the weakened condition, sometimes all it takes to leverage is a simple movement such as reaching into the cupboard.


When such an incident occurs:

1.   Lie down immediately in any position that is comfortable.

2.  Call your doctor of Chiropractic and arrange to go to the office as soon as possible.  In some cases, it may be suggested that you remain at home in bed for a period of time.

3.  Place 6-10 ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply this pack directly to the area of pain, cover with a towel, and keep the pack in place for 20-30 minutes. This will hurt at first, but after several minutes the area will be desensitized and you will feel better. Do not remove the ice pack until 20-30 minutes have elapsed. Reapply the ice as instructed by your doctor.

4.   Do NOT sit in a recliner of any kind; as this will aggravate the condition.

5.   Maintain a positive outlook.  Under Chiropractic care, back injuries usually respond favorably.  However, it takes time, so it's best to be patient.  Let your doctor of Chiropractic determine what is best for your condition.


Thank you for referring friends and family into our office! We love when people tell others about how great they feel!


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